Passionate about finding the right solution

Give me a problem and I am eager to solve it.  I have a solid foundation of experience and the curiosity to add value to any solution. This is what fuels my fire.


Focused and effective under tight deadlines

Planning and execution are key to my success. When the deadlines get short and the workload heavy, I rise to the occasion.


Inspired by collaboration

I'm energized working in a collaborative team environment. The product of bringing different perspectives, expertise and strengths together to solve business challenges can be remarkable. That said, I'm a self-starter and a successful individual contributor.


Advocate for brand consistency

I'm sensitive to maintaining brand strength and consistency of message and always champion for that in my work.


Respects (and considers) all points of view 

With the intention of reaching the most powerful solution, I can check my ego at the door, appreciate the merit of all ideas and strategically flush out the solution(s) that best meets or exceeds the project needs.